The Art of Observation.


Stressed, depressed but still well dressed. She struts past me, her six inch red bottomed heels click clacking along in harmony to the swish of her hair and in time to the sway of her hips.

It’s a Friday morning and I’m sitting at my usual spot, Cafe Rouge on the corner of 5th and 6th, glasses…

Je Suis Un Tigre.


(this poem is like my baby)

He told me he didn’t like looking into my eyes…because they made him feel guilt for sins he had not yet committed.

He told me I had not a breathtaking smile but a “breathgiving” one because my smile, according to him, could make dry bones turn to flesh whilst…


So, I realized that many people are faking their way through this stage in their lives.

By popular belief, this is the most fragile stage of the human being’s life for the mind. This is where most personalities are discovered and developed by one’s self. 

The people I see around are so FAKE. Everyone makes so much mouth online but when it comes to person-to-person where does it all go? I get so frustrated and angry about this particular issue with my mates because it’s all so pointless. Acting so high and mighty for what damned reason??

What have they done to earn this “title” they so greatly bestow upon themselves? 

Nowadays, everyone just follows whosoever the deem “socially acceptable” It’s as if no one is their own person. I find it so refreshing when i find someone who has their own essence, someone who isn’t like everyone. This is so rare but that is how life is meant to be!!

People have become so angry at life itself. They see the bad in everything. They complain and complain. They pick apart someone’s joy and happiness because they have none of their own.

i honestly do not under any circumstances want to be perceived as an easy girl or whatever. I do not want to be associated with such people of this generation. I do not want to seem like a girl that has been passed around, or a girl that’s so easy to get.